Monday, May 16, 2011

Institute of Medicine calls for a "Gold Standard" in the evidence process

Much of my time as a medical librarian involves searching the literature to find guidelines and systematic reviews to inform evidence based clinical practice. This year the Institute of Medicine has put out a call to professional organizations that produce guidelines and conduct systematic reviews to adhere to a "gold standard" for the processes. The IOM's "Standards for Developing Trustworthy Clinical Practice Guidelines" cover 8 key components including: maintaining transparency, rating practice recommendations based on the strength of the evidence, & using systematic reviews that have been conducted based on IOM's standard. Find the full text of both reports here


Stephen Ferrara, NP said...


Thanks for highlighting the latest EBP. Do you include systematic reviews from the Joanna Briggs Library of Systematic Reviews in your monthly updates?

Tish Oberley said...

I really appreciate your site on evidence-based nursing practice. You have provided some wonderful information about current research articles.

Collatie L, Legal Nurse Consultant said...

A medical librarian is a great medical alternative career. You seem to have a broad knowledge base making you a great asset to the field.

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