Monday, September 10, 2007

E-Journal Club #12

Bourgault, Annette M. et al; “Development of Evidence-Based Guidelines and Critical Care Nurses’ Knowledge of Enteral Feeding”, Critical Care Nurse, August 2007 pp17-29.

This is an excellent example of a nurse taking a broad look at the literature on a narrow topic and applying it to her practice. This is evidence based nursing. I especially liked the idea of marking the feeding tube with an indelible marking pen upon insertion after the xray is done. Perhaps this could be applied to ET tubes?
I would like to see some article address the best taping (to the nose) strategy and which tape is best to use!!
The American Association of Critical Care Nurses now offers its’ members free CEU’s. This article has CEU’s attached as do two other excellent articles in this same issue. I found that answering the questions reinforced the article’s message. This journal and the American Journal of Critical Care are complimentary with membership to this association. I think you are more than paid back for your membership costs.