Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Danielle's Pick from the Literature - September 2016

Here are my picks from the literature for September 2016. Articles are accessible to St. Joseph Nurses via the Burlew Medical Library website. Or contact the library at 714-771-8291 for assistance.

1. Nursing research ethics, guidance and application in practice. Doody, Owen; Noonan, Maria; British Journal of Nursing, 7/28/2016; 25(14): 803-807.

Abstract: Ethics is fundamental to good research practice and the protection of society. From a historical point of view, research ethics has had a chequered past and without due cognisance there is always the potential for research to do harm. Research ethics is fundamental to research practice, nurse education and the development of evidence. In conducting research, it is important to plan for and anticipate any potential or actual risks. To engage in research, researchers need to develop an understanding and knowledge of research ethics and carefully plan how to address ethics within their research. This article aims to enhance students’ and novice researchers’ research ethics understanding and its application to nursing research.

2. An Integrative Review of Engaging Clinical Nurses in Nursing Research. Scala, Elizabeth; Price, Carrie; Day, Jennifer; Journal of Nursing Scholarship, Jul2016; 48(4): 423-430.

3. The practice of nursing research: getting ready for 'ethics' and the matter of character. Sellman, Derek; Nursing Inquiry, Mar2016; 23(1): 24-31.

4. Clinical Nurse Specialist Roles in Conducting Research. Albert, Nancy M.; Rice, Karen L.; Waldo, Mary J.; Bena, James F.; Mayo, Ann M.; Morrison, Shannon L.; Westlake, Cheryl; Ellstrom, Kathleen; Powers, Jan; Foster, Jan; Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice, Sep/Oct2016; 30(5): 292-301.

5. Fostering Clinical Nurse Research in a Hospital Context. Hatfield, Linda A.; Kutney-Lee, Ann; Hallowell, Sunny G.; Del Guidice, Mary; Ellis, Lauren N.; Verica, Lindsey; Aiken, Linda H.; Journal of Nursing Administration, May2016; 46(5): 245-249.

6. Effectiveness of an education intervention to strengthen nurses' readiness for evidence-based practice: A single-blind randomized controlled study. Saunders, Hannele; Vehviläinen-Julkunen, Katri; Stevens, Kathleen R.; Applied Nursing Research, Aug2016; 31 175-185.

7. Effects of Education Programs on Evidence- Based Practice Implementation for Clinical Nurses. Jae Youn Sim; Keum Seong Jang; Nam Young Kim; Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, Aug2016; 47(8): 363-371.

8. The Imperative: Integrating Evidence-Based Practice into the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Role. Gibson, Lynette M.; South Carolina Nurse, Jul-Sep2016; 23(3): 14

9. Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice Learning Into a Nurse Residency Program. Jackson, Nichole; Journal of Nursing Administration, May2016; 46(5): 278-283.

10. Implementing and Sustaining Evidence Based Practice Through a Nursing Journal Club. Gardner Jr., Kevin; Kanaskie, Mary Louise; Knehans, Amy C.; Salisbury, Sarah; Doheny, Kim K.; Schirm, Victoria; Applied Nursing Research, Aug2016; 31 139-145.