Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Danielle's Picks from the Literature - December 2010

Here are my picks from the nursing literature published over the last few months. Staff at St. Joseph Hospital or Children's Hospital of Orange County may be able to access some of the full text articles through the Burlew Medical Library.

1. Translating Infant Safe Sleep Evidence Into Nursing Practice.
Shaefer SJM; Herman SE; Frank SJ; Adkins M; Terhaar M;
JOGNN: Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing, 2010 Nov-Dec; 39 (6): 618-26 CINAHL AN: 2010847501

2. Improving diabetes patient outcomes: Framing research into the chronic care model.
Dancer S; Courtney M;
Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 2010 Nov; 22 (11): 580-5 CINAHL AN: 2010851492

3. Conceptual models of evidence-based practice: part II of a four-part series on evidence-based practice.
Bondmass M; Nevada RNformation, 2010 Nov; 19 (4): 6, 22 CINAHL AN: 2010855071

4. Recognizing the evidence and changing practice on injection sites.
Cocoman A; Murray J;
British Journal of Nursing (BJN), 2010 Oct 14; 19 (18): 1170-4 CINAHL AN: 2010831580

5. Evidence and the Executive. Instruments to Assess Organizational Readiness for Evidence-Based Practice.
Newhouse RP;
Journal of Nursing Administration, 2010 Oct; 40 (10): 404-7 CINAHL AN: 2010851305

6. Culturally competent psychiatric nursing care.
Wilson DW;
Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, 2010 Oct; 17 (8): 715-24 CINAHL AN: 2010777605

7. Good practice in management of patients with urethral catheters.
Pratt R; Pellowe C;
Nursing Older People, 2010 Oct; 22 (8): 25-9 CINAHL AN: 2010826639

8. Evidence-based practice, step by step. Critical appraisal of the evidence: Part II: Digging deeper--examining the "keeper" studies... sixth article in a series.
Fineout-Overholt E; Melnyk BM; Stillwell SB; Williamson KM;
American Journal of Nursing, 2010 Sep; 110 (9): 41-8 CINAHL AN: 2010829193

9. Preoperative fasting doesn't mean nothing after midnight: staff nurses can encourage the adoption of evidence-based practices.
Sendelbach S;
American Journal of Nursing, 2010 Sep; 110 (9): 64-5 CINAHL AN: 2010829198

10. Sustaining excellence: clinical nurse specialist practice and magnet designation.
Muller AC; Hujcs M; Dubendorf P; Harrington PT; Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice, 2010 Sep-Oct; 24 (5): 252-9 CINAHL AN: 2010771289

11. Health facility design. Evaluating the evidence in evidence-based design.
Stichler JF;
Journal of Nursing Administration, 2010 Sep; 40 (9): 348-51 CINAHL AN: 2010802322

12. WOCN update on evidence-based guideline for pressure ulcers.
Ratliff CR; Tomaselli N;
Journal of Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nursing, 2010 Sep-Oct; 37 (5): 459-60 CINAHL AN: 2010802053

13. Journal clubs on the night shift: a staff nurse initiative.
Stewart C; Snyder K; Sullivan SC; MEDSURG Nursing, 2010 Sep-Oct; 19 (5): 305-6 CINAHL AN: 2010804977