Monday, January 22, 2007

"Publish not Perish"-- free online tutorial

Not sure how to go about publishing in a scholarly journal? The University of Colorado Libraries have launched a free online tutorial to assist you. While the orientation is not exclusiely to health care or nursing, this can be a very useful tutorial for nurses who want to learn about the scholarly publishing process.

"Publish Not Perish, is a free online tutorial designedto introduce graduate students, junior faculty, and other potentialauthors to the mysterious world of scholarly publishing, from gettingideas and choosing a journal to submitting and revising a manuscript. "Publish or perish" has been the standard marching order since thecreation of the tenure system, and faculty and graduate students oftenmust fall in step with it. The tutorial can help maximize chances ofpublication and minimize frustrations. Learn about the variables ofscholarly publishing, how to control the ones you have influence over,and how to learn and grow from the ones you can't control. Publish NotPerish was created through a collaborative effort of the CU systemlibraries, with funding from the CU President's office. "

Friday, January 19, 2007

free software tool: Trial Protocol Tool

Part of the European Commission 5th Framework, Practihc (Pragmatic RAndomized Controlled Trials in Health Care) worked to create a Trial Protocol Tool to make it easier for researchers (especially in low and middle income countries) to design and run pragmatic randomized controlled trials. This tool is free and can be found Practihc
This tool provides a checklist of issues that should be considered when writing a protocol, examples of how these issues have been addressed by other researchers and teaching materials. The tool is available in both English and Spanish. A recent article in the Nov 2006 issue of Journal of Clinical Epidemiology has been published on Practihc. is a new Web 2.0 tool that allows people to share their slide presentations. You can't download any of the presentations but just being able to view a slide show can be a great resource to give you ideas for content and layout. SlideShare is a new resource so the content is just in its infancy stage. Subjects range the gamut from wedding slide shows to slide shows on medical ethics and HIPAA. There's not much there yet on nursing but hopefully that will change. Be sure to consider this a resource for posting a slide show you've developed or for searching for topics that you need to create.

Check it out!!