Friday, January 19, 2007 is a new Web 2.0 tool that allows people to share their slide presentations. You can't download any of the presentations but just being able to view a slide show can be a great resource to give you ideas for content and layout. SlideShare is a new resource so the content is just in its infancy stage. Subjects range the gamut from wedding slide shows to slide shows on medical ethics and HIPAA. There's not much there yet on nursing but hopefully that will change. Be sure to consider this a resource for posting a slide show you've developed or for searching for topics that you need to create.

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Anonymous said... is a new Web 2.0 tool that allows nurses from all over the world to share their industry experiences, read blogs, network with nurses, express opinions, get career advice, read the latest nursing news, and access free industry resources.

It's so easy to use and totally cool to network with others that share your same experience! I love my account! :)

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