Thursday, December 22, 2016

Picks from the literature - December 2016

Here are my picks from the literature for December 2016. Articles are accessible to St. Joseph Nurses via the Burlew Medical Library website. Or contact the library at 714-771-8291 for assistance.

1. The integration and evaluation of a social-media facilitated journal club to enhance the student learning experience of evidence-based practice: A case study.
Ferguson, Caleb; DiGiacomo, Michelle; Gholizadeh, Leila; Ferguson, Leila E.; Hickman, Louise D.;
Nurse Education Today, Jan2017; 48 123-128.

2. Engaging patients in understanding and using evidence to inform shared decision making.
Cohen, Monique D.;
Patient Education & Counseling, Jan2017; 100(1): 2-3.

3. Engaging patients in the uptake, understanding, and use of evidence: Addressing barriers and facilitators of successful engagement.
Street Jr., Richard L.; Volk, Robert J.; Lowenstein, Lisa; Michael Fordis Jr., C.;
Patient Education & Counseling, Jan2017; 100(1): 4-4.

4. Updated evidence-based guide to smoking cessation therapies.
Siddiqui, Faraz; Huque, Rumana; Dogar, Omara;
British Journal of Community Nursing, Dec2016; 21(12): 607-611.

5. Developing Competency to Sustain Evidence-Based Practice.
Fisher, Cheryl; Cusack, Georgie; Cox, Kim; Feigenbaum, Kathryn; Wallen, Gwenyth R.;
Journal of Nursing Administration, Nov2016; 46(11): 581-585.

6. Factors that affect nurse practitioners' implementation of evidence-based practice.
Hellier, Susan; Cline, Thomas;
Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Nov2016; 28(11): 612-621.

7. Promoting Bedside Nurse-Led Research Through a Dedicated Neuroscience Nursing Research Fellowship.
Stutzman, Sonja; Olson, DaiWai; Supnet, Charlene; Harper, Caryn; Brown-Cleere, Shelley; McCulley, Becky; Goldberg, Mark;
Journal of Nursing Administration, Dec2016; 46(12): 648-653.

8. Nurse staffing and patient outcomes: Are we asking the right research question?
Welton, John. M.;
International Journal of Nursing Studies, Nov2016; 63 A1-A2.

9. Turning a clinical question into nursing research: the benefits of a pilot study.
Henson, Angela; Jeffrey, Carol;
Renal Society of Australasia Journal, Nov2016; 12(3): 99-105.

10. Creative Approaches to Increasing Hospital-Based Nursing Research.
Wilson, Barbara; Kelly, Lesly; Reifsnider, Elizabeth; Pipe, Teri; Brumfield, Valerie;
Journal of Nursing Administration, Oct2016 Supplement; S27-S35.

11. Nurses' Research Capacity, Use of Evidence, and Research Productivity in Acute Care.
Duffy, Joanne R.; Culp, Stacey; Sand-Jecklin, Kari; Stroupe, Lya; Lucke-Wold, Noelle;
Journal of Nursing Administration, Oct2016 Supplement; S43-S48.

12. Fostering Clinical Nurse Research in a Hospital Context.
Hatfield, Linda A.; Kutney-Lee, Ann; Hallowell, Sunny G.; Del Guidice, Mary; Ellis, Lauren N.; Verica, Lindsey; Aiken, Linda H.;
Journal of Nursing Administration, Oct2016 Supplement; S49-S53.