Friday, March 17, 2006

MedPage Today : a clearinghouse of new and compelling medical news info Check it out!! (Not specifically nursing related but a great new resource)

Developed by The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and a team of
administrators and physicians, MedPage Today is a clearinghouse of new and
compelling medical news information. Along with these accessible and well-
written updates, the site also includes "Teaching Brief" articles which help
clinicians and consumers to understand the implications of these new
discoveries and developments in the medical world. From the left-side of the
homepage, visitors can peruse the latest news updates by specialty,
including psychiatry, nephrology, pediatrics, and others. Visitors who find
that they return to the site frequently may also want to sign up to receive
email updates every morning in their inbox. Overall, the site will be of
interest to medical practitioners as well as the lay public