Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Magnet Maggie at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange featured in Advance for Nurses

A June 2010 issue of Advance for Nurses features a great article on Magnet Maggie and her adventures at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California. Not only can you follow Magnet Maggie as she tours throughout the hospital but you can also see how much fun she has had accompanying nurses to conferences and even graduations. Thank you to feature writer Candy Goulette!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Julie's picks from the literature May 2010

Here are my picks from the nursing literature for May dealing with nursing research articles or articles about nursing research/EBN. Staff at St. Joseph Hospital or Children's Hospital of Orange County may be able to access some of the full text articles through the library website

1. Nursing students' and clinical instructors' perceptions on the
    implementation of a best practice guideline.(includes abstract);
    Ritchie L; Evans MK; Matthews J;  Journal of Nursing Education, 2010
    Apr; 49 (4): 223-7 (journal article - research) ISSN: 0148-4834 PMID:
    20055324 CINAHL AN: 2010617920

2. Partnering with your library to strengthen nursing research.(includes
    abstract); Hallyburton A; St John B;  Journal of Nursing Education,
    2010 Mar; 49 (3): 164-7 (journal article - research) ISSN: 0148-4834
    PMID: 19954132 CINAHL AN: 2010602293
3. Integration of spirituality in nursing practice: a literature
    review.(includes abstract); Tiew LH; Creedy DK;  Singapore Nursing
    Journal, 2010 Jan-Mar; 37 (1): 15-20, 22 (journal article - research,
    systematic review) ISSN: 0218-0995 CINAHL AN: 2010621331
4. Evidence-based nursing. 6 steps for transforming organizational EBP
    culture.Ogiehor-Enoma G; Taqueban L; Anosike A;  Nursing Management,
    2010 May; 41 (5): 14-7 (journal article) ISSN: 0744-6314 PMID: 20418746
    CINAHL AN: 2010647956
5. Rapid response team - a proactive strategy in managing
    haemodynamically unstable adult patients in the acute care hospitals
    [corrected] [published erratum appears in SINGAPORE NURS J 2010
    Jan-Mar;37(1):4].Choo CL; Heng D; Ching AC; Kang J; Wentao Z; 
    Singapore Nursing Journal, 2009 Oct-Dec; 36 (4): 17-22, 24-8 (journal
    article - tables/charts) ISSN: 0218-0995 CINAHL AN: 2010489902
6. Information literacy for evidence-based practice in perianesthesia
    nurses: readiness for evidence-based practice.Ross J;  Journal of
    PeriAnesthesia Nursing, 2010 Apr; 25 (2): 64-70 (journal article -
    research, tables/charts) ISSN: 1089-9472 PMID: 20359640 CINAHL AN:
7. A meta-study of the essentials of quality nursing
    documentation.(includes abstract); Jefferies D; Johnson M; Griffiths R;
     International Journal of NursingPractice, 2010 Apr; 16 (2): 112-24
    (journal article - research, systematic review, tables/charts) ISSN:
    1322-7114 PMID: 20487056 CINAHL AN: 2010605897
8. Perceived facilitators and inhibitors for the use of personal
    digital assistants by nurses: a systematic review.Gyi AA;  Journal of
    Advanced Nursing, 2010 May; 66 (5): 964-6 (journal article - abstract)
    ISSN: 0309-2402 PMID: 20423356 CINAHL AN: 2010647106
9. Rounding for outcomes: an evidence-based tool to improve nurse
    retention, patient safety, and quality of care.Baker SJ; McGowan N; 
    JEN: Journal of Emergency Nursing, 2010 Mar; 36 (2): 162-4 (journal
    article - pictorial) ISSN: 0099-1767 PMID: 20211412 CINAHL AN:
10. Team-based care interventions involving nurses and primary care or
    community pharmacists improve hypertension control.Khan EU; 
    Evidence-Based Nursing, 2010 Apr; 13 (2): 47-8 (journal article) ISSN:
    1367-6539 PMID: 20436147 CINAHL AN: 2010668595
11. Nurse-led postpartum discharge education programme including
    information on postnatal depression reduces risk of high depression
    scores at 3-month follow-up.Morrell CJ;  Evidence-Based Nursing, 2010
    Apr; 13 (2): 48-9 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 20436148
    CINAHL AN: 2010668596

12. Evidence-based practice improvement: merging 2 paradigms.(includes
    abstract); Levin RF; Keefer JM; Marren J; Vetter M; Lauder B;
    Sobolewski S;  Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 2010 Apr-Jun; 25 (2):
    117-26 (journal article - tables/charts) ISSN: 1057-3631 PMID: 19680149
    CINAHL AN: 2010617873
13. Accreditation and certification for evidence-based design.(includes
    abstract); Stichler JF;  Journal of Nursing Administration, 2010 Apr;
    40 (4): 158-61 (journal article) ISSN: 0002-0443 PMID: 20305460 CINAHL
    AN: 2010629098
14. Knowledge translation: summarizing and synthesizing the evidence for
    WOC best practices.Kelechi TJ; Naccarato MK;  Journal of Wound, Ostomy
    & Continence Nursing, 2010 Mar-Apr; 37 (2): 132-6 (journal article -
    tables/charts) ISSN: 1071-5754 PMID: 20228652 CINAHL AN: 2010604492
15.     Discover a better way to care: exploring uncharted territory,
    researchers are blazing a path to better nursing practice.Brown G; 
    Johns Hopkins Nursing, 2010 Spring; 8 (1): 28-33 (journal article -
    pictorial) CINAHL AN: 2010631192
16. Telephone behavioural intervention delivered by nurses combined with
    home blood pressure monitoring improves long-term hypertensive
    management compared with usual care.Hill MN;  Evidence-BasedNursing,
    2010 Apr; 13 (2): 46 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 20436146
    CINAHL AN: 2010668594
17. How professional nurses working in hospital environments experience
    moral distress: a systematic review.McArthur A;  Journal of Advanced
    Nursing, 2010 May; 66 (5): 962-3 (journal article - abstract) ISSN:
    0309-2402 PMID: 20423356 CINAHL AN: 2010620396

18. The journey to Magnet®: establishing a research
    infrastructure.(includes abstract); Steele-Moses SK;  Clinical Journal
    of Oncology Nursing, 2010 Apr; 14 (2): 237-9

19. Preoperative skin cleansing with chlorhexidine-alcohol reduces
    surgical site infection after clean-contaminated surgery compared with
    povidone-iodine.Mimoz O;  Evidence-Based Nursing, 2010 Apr; 13 (2):
    36-7 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 20436136 CINAHL AN:
20. Nicotine patch plus lozenge gives greatest increases in abstinence
    from smoking at 6 months compared with placebo; smaller effects seen
    with nicotine patch alone, bupropion or nicotine lozenges alone or
    combined.Buchanan L;  Evidence-Based Nursing, 2010 Apr; 13 (2): 50-1
    (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 20436150 CINAHL AN: 2010668598
21. Cohort study finds nine times increased overdose risk (fatal plus
    non-fatal) in patients receiving 100 mg/day for 90 days compared with
    1-20 mg/day opioids for chronic non-cancer pain, but wide CI and
    possibility of unmeasured confounders.Hochman JS; Pergolizzi J; 
    Evidence-Based Nursing, 2010 Apr; 13 (2): 55-6 (journal article) ISSN:
    1367-6539 PMID: 20436154 CINAHL AN: 2010668602
22. Telephone-delivered collaborative care for post-CABG depression is
    more effective than usual care for improving quality of life related to
    mental health.Gallagher R;  Evidence-BasedNursing, 2010 Apr; 13 (2): 37
    (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 20436137 CINAHL AN: 2010668585
23. Systematic review finds no difference in effect between home and
    centre-based cardiac rehabilitation on mortality, morbidity and
    modifiable risk factors in patients with CHD.Parry M; 
    Evidence-BasedNursing, 2010 Apr; 13 (2): 38 (journal article) ISSN:
    1367-6539 PMID: 20436138 CINAHL AN: 2010668586
24. Ginger reduces severity of nausea in early pregnancy compared with
    vitamin B6, and the two treatments are similarly effective for reducing
    number of vomiting episodes.Smith C;  Evidence-BasedNursing, 2010 Apr;
    13 (2): 40 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 20436140 CINAHL AN:
25. Hand hygiene and facemask use within 36 hours of index patient
    symptom onset reduces flu transmission to household contacts.Gould D; 
    Evidence-BasedNursing, 2010 Apr; 13 (2): 44 (journal article) ISSN:
    1367-6539 PMID: 20436144 CINAHL AN: 2010668592
26. Low specificity and high false-positive rates limit the usefulness
    of the STRATIFY tool and clinical judgement in predicting falls in
    older patients in an acute hospital setting.Healey F; 
    Evidence-BasedNursing, 2010 Apr; 13 (2): 54 (journal article) ISSN:
    1367-6539 PMID: 20436153 CINAHL AN: 2010668601
27. Where to find help when you need it: EIDM resources.Dobbins M; 
    Reflections on Nursing Leadership, 2010 1st Quarter; 36 (1). (2p)
    (journal article) ISSN: 1527-6538 CINAHL AN: 2010641747

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SlideWorld: a portal for medically oriented powerpoints

Are you looking for downloadable PowerPoints that you can use for patient teaching/nursing instruction? Slideworld  may be just what you're looking for.
For instance,  there is a slide show on Asthma Pathophysiology which is both 5 star rated and has received
over 3800 hits.

SlideWorld is a powerful resource for PowerPoint Slide Presentations.
It is a web resource designed to facilitate the educational process of
medical professionals. As you know, slide presentations have become
one of the key ways of facilitating education and a way of
communicating new scientific developments. Academic faculties and
clinicians in practice from worldwide have contributed to the web

Take the Quick Tour of SlideWorld .

More than 5 million ppt presentations are searchable by both broad categories and textword searches. Slideworld employs web 2.0 technologies allowing you to rate presentations as well as incorporate them into
your tweets and other social networking tools. Registration is both free and easy. Medically orientated
PowerPoint templates are also available for purchase for a small fee. Upload your own presentations  to share information and receive a wider viewership.