Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Julie's picks from the nursing literature: November

Here are my picks from the recent articles dealing with evidence-based nursing or nursing research. Staff at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California and Children's Hospital of Orange County may be able to access the full text of these via the library's website.

An information technology infrastructure to enable evidence-based nursing practice.(includes abstract); Pochciol JM; Warren JI; Nursing Administration Quarterly, 2009 Oct-Dec; 33 (4): 317-24 (journal article - tables/charts) ISSN: 0363-9568 PMID: 19893445 CINAHL AN: 2010435221

2. Nurse-led care was non-inferior to physician-directed care in
symptomatic moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnoea.Floyd JA;
Evidence-BasedNursing, 2009 Oct; 12 (4): 112 (journal article) ISSN:
1367-6539 PMID: 19779079 CINAHL AN: 2010450231

3. Why nursing has not embraced the clinician--scientist role.(includes
abstract); Mackay M; Nursing Philosophy, 2009 Oct; 10 (4): 287-96
(journal article - review) ISSN: 1466-7681 PMID: 19743972 CINAHL AN:

4. The meaning of hope in nursing research: a meta-synthesis.(includes
abstract); Hammer K; Mogensen O; Hall EOC; Scandinavian Journal of
Caring Sciences, 2009 Sep; 23 (3): 549-57 (journal article - research,
systematic review, tables/charts) ISSN: 0283-9318 CINAHL AN:

5. Evidence-based nursing. Research ambassadors: bringing findings to
the bedside.Larkin ME; Cierpial CL; Vanderboom T; Anspach K; Grealish
K; Ball S; Griffith CA; Nursing Management, 2009 Oct; 40 (10): 20-3
(journal article) ISSN: 0744-6314 CINAHL AN: 2010436208

6. Nurses' role in detecting deterioration in ward patients: systematic
literature review.(includes abstract); Odell M; Victor C; Oliver D;
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2009 Oct; 65 (10): 1992-2006 (journal
article - research, systematic review, tables/charts) ISSN: 0309-2402
CINAHL AN: 2010413148

7. 28. The utilization of reflective journals to explore nurses' experience
using mobile information technology to access and use research
evidence.Newman K; Doran D; CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 2009
Sep-Oct; 27 (5): 336 (journal article - abstract, research) ISSN:
1538-2931 CINAHL AN: 2010425595

8. Nurse-led interventions to reduce cardiac risk factors in
adults.Harvey J; Loar R; Joanna Briggs Institute; Best Practice, 2009;
13 (5): 21-4 (journal article) ISSN: 1329-1874 CINAHL AN: 2010447069

9. Accessing pre-appraised evidence: fine-tuning the 5S model into a 6S
model.Dicenso A; Bayley L; Haynes RB; Evidence-BasedNursing, 2009 Oct;
12 (4): 99-101 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19779069 CINAHL
AN: 2010450221

10. Review: little evidence exists for type of dressing or support
surface or for nutritional supplements for pressure ulcers.Bell-Syer
SE; Evidence-BasedNursing, 2009 Oct; 12 (4): 118 (journal article)
ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19779085 CINAHL AN: 2010450237

11. AACN announces new system to rate evidence. AACN Bold Voices, 2009
Sep; 1 (3): 14 (journal article - brief item, tables/charts) ISSN:
1948-7088 CINAHL AN: 2010402603

12. Core measures for developmentally supportive care in neonatal
intensive care units: theory, precedence and practice.(includes
abstract); Coughlin M; Gibbins S; Hoath S; Journal of Advanced
Nursing, 2009 Oct; 65 (10): 2239-48 (journal article - pictorial,
tables/charts) ISSN: 0309-2402 CINAHL AN: 2010413158

13. Searching for evidence: mission-critical tips.Boss C; Wurmser TA;
Nursing Management, 2009 Sep; 40 (9): 12, 14 (journal article) ISSN:
0744-6314 PMID: 19734750 CINAHL AN: 2010414304

14. Overturning barriers to pain relief in older adults.(includes
abstract); D'Arcy Y; Nursing, 2009 Oct; 39 (10): 32-9 (journal article
- CEU, exam questions, nursing interventions, pictorial, review,
tables/charts) ISSN: 0360-4039 CINAHL AN: 2010431004


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