Monday, November 09, 2009

julie's picks for October from the nursing lit

Here are Julie's picks from the current nursing literature dealing with EBN or nursing research. Staff of SJH/CHOC may be able to access the full text of some of these articles via the library's website.

1. Evidence-based nursing. Using EBP flashcards for magnet
preparation.Bliss-Holtz J; Nursing Management, 2009 May; 40 (5): 13-4 (journal article) ISSN: 0744-6314 PMID: 19412075

2. Evidence-based nursing. Your role in hardwiring EBP strategies.Amato
S; Kerber K; Yurko L; Mion LC; Nursing Management, 2009 Jun; 40 (6):
13-5 (journal article - tables/charts) ISSN: 0744-6314 PMID: 19502922

3. Barriers to research utilization among registered nurses practicing
in a community hospital.(includes abstract); Schoonover H; Journal for
Nurses in Staff Development, 2009 Jul-Aug;
25 (4): 199-212 (journal
article - research, tables/charts) ISSN: 1098-7886 PMID: 19657252

4. The development and pilot testing of an instrument to measure
nurses' working environment: the Nursing Context Index.(includes
abstract); Slater P; McCormack B; Bunting B; Worldviews on
Evidence-BasedNursing, 2009 3rd Quarter
; 6 (3): 173-82 (journal
article) ISSN: 1545-102X CINAHL AN: 2010402422

5. ICU nurses' oral-care practices and the current best
evidence.(includes abstract); Ganz FK; Fink NF; Raanan O; Asher M;
Bruttin M; Ben Nun M; Benbinishty J; Journal of Nursing Scholarship,
2009 2nd Quarter;
41 (2): 132-8 (journal article - research,
tables/charts) ISSN: 1527-6546 PMID: 19538697

Upgrading the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses'
evidence-leveling hierarchy.(includes abstract); Armola RR; Bourgault
AM; Halm MA; Board RM; Bucher L; Harrington L; Heafey C; Lee RK;
Shellner PK; Medina J; 2008-2009 Evidence-BasedPractice Resource Work
Group of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses; American
Journal of Critical Care, 2009 Sep;
18 (5): 405-9 (journal article -
tables/charts) ISSN: 1062-3264 PMID: 19723860

7. PERL of wisdom: a tool to help bedside nurses remember available
evidence-based resources... Print, Electronic, Resource Persons, and
Location.Pagani C; Jacalan-Baras J; Creative Nursing, 2009; 15 (2):
85-9 (journal article) ISSN: 1078-4535 PMID: 19507770 CINAHL AN:

8. Clinical nurse educators' perceptions of research utilization:
barriers and facilitators to change.(includes abstract); Strickland RJ;
O'Leary-Kelley C; Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, 2009
Jul-Aug; 25 (4): 164-73 (journal article - CEU, exam questions,
research, tables/charts) ISSN: 1098-7886 PMID: 19657246

9. Evaluation of empathy measurement tools in nursing: systematic
review.(includes abstract); Yu J; Kirk M; Journal of Advanced Nursing,
2009 Sep;
65 (9): 1790-806 (journal article - research, systematic
review, tables/charts) ISSN: 0309-2402 PMID: 19694842

10. Promoting evidence-based dysphagia assessment and management by
nurses.(includes abstract); Sandhaus S; Zalon ML; Valenti D; Harrell F;
Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 2009 Jun; 35 (6): 20-7 (journal
article - cartoon, pictorial, research, tables/charts) ISSN: 0098-9134
PMID: 19537291

11. Teaching levels of evidence: the Santa project;Burton, M. Journal of Nursing Administration 2009 Oct;39(10): 412-414.
12. A Case study in evaluating infratructure for EBP and selecting a model;newhouse, R; Johnson, K. Journal of Nursing Administration 2009 Oct; 39(10): 409-11.


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