Thursday, January 03, 2019

St. Joseph RNs publish article in Journal of Nursing Measurement

Congratulations to Dana Rutledge, PhD, RN, Mary Wickman, PhD, RN and Beth Winokur, PhD, RN, CEN for their newly published article on measuring hospital nurse perceptions of meaning and joy in work at St. Joseph Hospital. SJO employees have access to the full article through Burlew Medical Library. Contact library staff for more details.

Instrument Validation: Hospital Nurse Perceptions of Meaning and Joy in Work
Rutledge, Dana N., PhD, RN, Wickman, Mary, PhD, RN, Winokur, Elizabeth J., PhD, RN
Journal of Nursing Measurement
2018; 26(3)
Background and Purpose: When workers experience meaning and joy in work (MJW), job satisfaction and retention are enhanced. No measure for MJW among nurses exists. The purpose of this work was to develop/test the MJW Questionnaire (MJWQ). Methods: The initial MJWQ was piloted with a convenience sample of post-licensure nursing students. Factor analyses established MJWQ subscales for the MJWQ: “value /connections,” “meaningful work,” “caring.” Subsequently, 463 employed nurses validated MJWQ psychometrics. Results: The MJWQ demonstrated acceptable construct validity and internal consistency (α = .94). Scores were significantly associated with job satisfaction (r = .686). Conclusions: Initial testing supports adequate measurement of MJW for hospital nurses in varying roles. Testing in other settings, evaluation of sensitivity in determining intervention effectiveness, and inclusion in multivariate analyses of workforce engagement are suggested.

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