Thursday, February 11, 2016

Danielle's Picks from the Literature - February 2016

Here are my picks from the literature for February 2016. Articles are accessible to St. Joseph Nurses via the Burlew Medical Library website. Or contact the library at 714-771-8291 for assistance.

Building research capacity and productivity among advanced practice nurses: an evaluation of the Community of Practice model. Journal of Advanced Nursing, Mar2016; 72(3): 605-619.

Nurses' Research Capacity, Use of Evidence, and Research Productivity in Acute Care. Journal of Nursing Administration, Jan2016; 46(1): 12-17.

Advancing Nursing Research in Hospitals Through Collaboration, Empowerment, and Mentoring. Journal of Nursing Administration, Dec2015; 45(12): 600-605.

Bridging the Research-to-Practice Gap: The Role of the Nurse Scientist. Seminars in Oncology Nursing, Nov2015; 31(4): 298-305.

Nurses' Use of Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Practice After Attending a Formal Evidence-Based Practice Course.Connor, Linda; Dwyer, Patricia; Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, Jan/Feb2016; 32(1): E1-E8.

Evidence-based nursing. Designing a unit practice council structure. Nursing Management, Jan2016; 47(1): 15-18.

Strategies to promote practice nurse capacity to deliver evidence-based care. Journal of Health Organization & Management, 2015; 29(7): 988-1010.

Magnet Accreditation Leads to Greater Patient Satisfaction. American Association of Critical-Care Nurses; Jan2016; v.8. n.1, 7-7.

Hospital Magnet Status, Unit Work Environment, and Pressure Ulcers. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, Nov2015; 47(6): 565-573.

Doctor of Nursing Practice: The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse. Seminars in Oncology Nursing, Nov2015; 31(4): 263-272.

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