Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Danielle's Picks from the Literature - March 2011

Here are my picks from the nursing literature published over the last few months. Staff at St. Joseph Hospital or Children's Hospital of Orange County may be able to access some of the full text articles through the Burlew Medical Library.

Creative partnerships for funding nursing research.
McCann JJ; Hills EB; Zauszniewski JA; Smith CE; Farran CJ; Wilkie DJ;
Western Journal of Nursing Research, 2011 Feb 01; 33 (1): 79-105

Implementation of evidence-based nursing practice: nurses' personal and professional factors.
Eizenberg MM;
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2011 Jan; 67 (1): 33-42

Lower extremity ulcer management: best practice algorithm.
Simms KW; Ennen K;
Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2011 Jan; 20 (1/2): 86-93

Linking economics and quality: developing an evidence-based nurse staffing tool.
Anderson, E Faye; Frith, Karen H; Caspers, Barbara;
Nursing Administration Quarterly, 2011 Jan-Mar; 35 (1): 53-60

Painful breast lumps in nursing mothers: identifying and treating plugged ducts, mastitis, and abscess.
Balkam JJ;
American Journal of Nursing, 2010 Dec; 110 (12): 65-7

Clinical librarians as facilitators of nurses' evidence-based practice.
Määttä S; Wallmyr G;
Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2010 Dec; 19 (23/24): 3427-34

Dissemination of research into clinical nursing literature.
Oermann MH; Shaw-Kokot J; Knafl GJ; Dowell J;
Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2010 Dec; 19 (23/24): 3435-42

Virtual journal club connects evidence to practice: an analysis of participant responses.
Lehna C; Berger J; Truman A; Goldman M; Topp R;
Journal of Nursing Administration, 2010 Dec; 40 (12): 522-8

Teaching Research and Evidence-Based Practice Using a Service-Learning Approach.
Balakas K; Sparks L;
Journal of Nursing Education, 2010 Dec; 49 (12): 691-5

Towards Evidence-based Management: Creating an Informative Database of Nursing-Sensitive Indicators.
Patrician PA; Loan L; McCarthy M; Brosch LR; Davey KS;
Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 2010; 42 (4): 4th Quarter: 358-66

Integrating evidence-based practice with educational theory in clinical practice for nurse practitioners: bridging the theory practice gap.
Ferrara, Lucille R.;
Research & Theory for NursingPractice, 2010; 24 (4): 213-6

Pilot study to test the use of a mobile device in the clinical setting to access evidence-based practice resources.
Morris J; Maynard V;
Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 2010 4th QUARTER; 7 (4): 205-13

The role of nursing best practice champions in diffusing practice guidelines: a mixed methods study.
Ploeg J; Skelly J; Rowan M; Edwards N; Davies B; Grinspun D; Bajnok I; Downey A;
Worldviews on Evidence-BasedNursing, 2010 4th QUARTER; 7 (4): 238-51

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