Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Clinical Experts Update

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Welcome to Vickie’s Research Corner. Over the past several years the Office of Nursing Research at St. Joseph Hospital has been holding annual classes for Clinical III/IVs called the Clinical Nurse Experts in Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). This class is designed for the Clinical Nurse III or IV who have an interest in learning more about EBP. Currently we have had twenty-five RNs who have graduated in the past 3 years.
I would like to introduce you to Larisa (Kozuki) Taraborrelli a graduate from our Summer 2009 class. Larisa is currently a Clinical Nurse III who has worked in the Emergency Department (ED) for the past 5 years. This year she will be applying for her Clinical Nurse IV. When asked why she wanted to become a Clinical Expert, Larisa responded that she was going to be involved in the Pediatric Blood culture Study in the ED and wanted to understand EBP and research better.
Larisa currently sits on the Policy & Procedure Committee (P&P) and feels as a result of the class she has a much better understanding of why incorporating evidence into policies and procedures is important for practice- Evidence-Based Practice is best practice! Currently the P&P Committee has been working on incorporating current evidence into new and renewing policies and she is now an integral part of making those changes as a committee member.
Over the past several months Larisa has been working on updating the Burn Policy for the ED and is looking for current research related to burn treatments. She also stated that since taking the class she has a much better comprehension of how EBP impacts her own practice. She is now able to look up information and answer the question why!
EBP is so important for our practice as nurses and as you can see our Clinical Experts are becoming quite the specialist in the world of EBP. If you are a St. Joseph RN and interested in becoming a Clinical Expert of EBP and you are a Clinical Nurse III/IV look for the next opportunity in May 2011 to apply! If you are a Clinical Nurse II then find out who is that expert on your unit, if you don’t have one may be one day it will be you!

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