Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Web based course on Health Literacy-- CNE for Nurses

Health Literacy has become such an important topic that some are now referring to it as the "Fifth Vital Sign"-(new health literacy screening tool-- the Fifth Vital Sign). The CDC has developed a web based tutorial titled "Health Literacy for Public Health Professionals". Although this is geared to public health professionals, it will also be of great interest to nurses and comes with 1 CNE. You will need to register for the course and complete an evaluation in order to earn the CNE.

For more resources on Health Literacy, visit:

National Library of Medicine resources on Health Literacy
USDHS-- plain language thesaurus
California Health Literacy Initiative

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Cathy said...

Hi, I haven't heard of Health Literacy as the Fifth Vial Sign, but it makes sense that the patient can understand their medical issues