Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Julie's picks for Dec from the nursing lit

Check out these recent nursing articles dealing with nursing research or EBN. Staff at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange/CHOC can access some of these articles through the library's website

1. Review summaries: evidence for nursing practice. The impact of
hospital visiting hours policies on paediatric and adult patients and
their visitors.Moola S; Xue Y; McArthur A; Journal of Advanced
Nursing, 2009 Nov; 65 (11): 2293-4 (journal article - abstract,
tables/charts) ISSN: 0309-2402 PMID: 19832749 CINAHL AN: 2010445839

2. Review of the evidence for treatment of children with Autism with
selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors [corrected] [published erratum
appears in J SPEC PEDIATR NURS 2009 Oct;14(4):301].(includes abstract);
West L; Brunssen SH; Waldrop J; Journal for Specialists in Pediatric
Nursing, 2009 Jul; 14 (3): 183-91 (journal article - research,
systematic review, tables/charts) ISSN: 1539-0136 PMID: 19614827 CINAHL
AN: 2010343341

3. One hospital's "peanutty" path to MAGNET designation.(includes
abstract); Bennett S; Raupers D; Hicks M; Schoener L; American Nurse
Today, 2009 Sep-Oct; 4 (8): 59-60 (journal article - tables/charts)
ISSN: 1930-5583 CINAHL AN: 2010447020

4. Teaching levels of evidence: the Santa project.Burton M;
Dilts-Skaggs MK; Journal of Nursing Administration, 2009 Oct; 39 (10):
412-4 (journal article - tables/charts) ISSN: 0002-0443 PMID: 19820522
CINAHL AN: 2010450326

5. Structured review: evaluating the effectiveness of nurse case
managers in improving health outcomes in three major chronic
diseases.(includes abstract); Sutherland D; Hayter M; Journal of
Clinical Nursing, 2009 Nov; 18 (21): 2978-92 (journal article -
research, systematic review, tables/charts) ISSN: 0962-1067 PMID:
19747197 CINAHL AN: 2010442812

6. Evidence-based guideline for suctioning the intubated neonate and
infant.(includes abstract); Gardner DL; Shirland L; Neonatal Network,
2009 Sep-Oct; 28 (5): 281-302 (journal article - practice guidelines,
research, systematic review, tables/charts) ISSN: 0730-0832 PMID:
19720593 CINAHL AN: 2010389820

7. Clinical practice guidelines: What are they? Where are they? How
good are they?Smith JR; Donze A; Neonatal Network, 2009 Sep-Oct; 28
(5): 343-50 (journal article - tables/charts) ISSN: 0730-0832 PMID:
19720600 CINAHL AN: 2010389825

8. Implementing a journal club in a palliative care setting: a link in
the chain of evidence-based practice.(includes abstract); O'Connor L;
Bennett P; Gardner A; Hawkins MT; Wellman D; Collegian, 2009; 16 (3):
147-52 (journal article - research, tables/charts) ISSN: 1322-7696
PMID: 19831148 CINAHL AN: 2010424123

9. Evidence-based practice. Accessing and deaccessing ports: where is
the evidence?Camp-Sorrell D; Steele-Moses SK; Clinical Journal of
Oncology Nursing, 2009 Oct; 13 (5): 587-90 (journal article -
pictorial, research, tables/charts) ISSN: 1092-1095 PMID: 19793716
CINAHL AN: 2010441057

10. A case study in evaluating infrastructure for EBP and selecting a
model.(includes abstract); Newhouse RP; Johnson K; Journal of Nursing
Administration, 2009 Oct; 39 (10): 409-11 (journal article - case
study, tables/charts) ISSN: 0002-0443 PMID: 19820521 CINAHL AN:

11. Research education for clinical nurses: a pilot study to determine
research self-efficacy in critical care nurses.(includes abstract);
Swenson-Britt E; Reineck C; Journal of Continuing Education in
Nursing, 2009 Oct; 40 (10): 454-61 (journal article - research,
tables/charts) ISSN: 0022-0124 PMID: 19831327 CINAHL AN: 2010443034


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