Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Magnet Journey to Redesignation

The Magnet Recognition Program is the nation’s highest honor for nursing and recognizes excellence in Leadership, Practice, and Patient Outcomes. This prestigious award is administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), who provides individuals and organizations throughout the nursing profession with the resources they need to achieve practice excellence.

To achieve Magnet status, a hospital must demonstrate a culture of excellence in nursing care as well as sustain and demonstrate the 14 Forces of Magnetism in the practice of nursing. The facility must also foster a nursing environment that is exciting, supportive, and intellectually stimulating.

The Magnet Recognition program focuses on advancing 3 goals within each applicant designee:
* Promoting quality in a setting that supports professional practice
* Identifying excellence in the delivery of nursing services to patients
* Disseminating “best practices” in nursing services

The Next Generation of Magnet:
The 14 Forces of Magnetisms have been redesigned and integrated into The 5 Model Component. This allows for a more focused approach and decreased redundancy. With the 14 Forces as the foundation, the 5 Model Components will be the primary basis for achieving Magnet recognition.
St. Joseph Hospital's Journey continues as we move forward with our gathering of evidence. The Steering Committee and Magnet Ambassadors are currently in the process of accruing and submitting data in their respective component groups. This data will be reviewed and placed in the most appropriate area within the Magnet documents we will submit next year. More to come on our progress...

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