Thursday, May 07, 2009

Julie's picks from the nursing literature: May 09

Here's some recent articles in the nursing literature of special interest to our readers. St. Joseph Hospital,Orange and CHOC staff may access many of these articles through our library web site.

1. Providing effective evidence-based catheter management.Preview Nazarko L; British Journal of Nursing (BJN), 2009 Apr 9; 18 (7): S4-12 (journal article - tables/charts) ISSN: 0966-0461 CINAHL AN: 2010247109

2. The emerging role of PDAs in information use and clinical decision making. Doran D; Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 35-8 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321815 CINAHL AN: 2010248444

3, To lower or not to lower? Making sense of the latest research on intensive glycaemic control and cardiovascular outcomes. Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 38 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321816 CINAHL AN: 2010248445

4. Continuous glucose monitoring improved glycaemic control in pregnant women with diabetes and reduced infant macrosomia. O'Brien B; Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 43 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321820 CINAHL AN: 2010248449

5. Continuous glucose monitoring improved glucose control in adults but not in young adults or children with type 1 diabetes. Allen NA; Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 44 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321821 CINAHL AN: 2010248450

6. Vitamin E or vitamin C supplements did not differ from placebo for major cardiovascular events and mortality. Young LE; Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 48 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321825 CINAHL AN: 2010248454

7. Review: early feeding and delayed feeding after PEG placement do not differ for complications or death within 72 hours. Lindeboom R; Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 50 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321827 CINAHL AN: 2010248456

8. Occlusive dressings and gauze dressings did not differ for healing open wounds in surgical patients. Gethin G; Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 52 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321829 CINAHL AN: 2010248458

9. Review: compression plus pharmacological prophylaxis reduces VTE more than monotherapy in high-risk patients. Ladak SS; Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 54 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321831 CINAHL AN: 2010248460

10. Review: anaemia increases mortality risk in patients with chronic heart failure. Tranmer JE; Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 58 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321835 CINAHL AN: 2010248464

11. Nurses' triage assessments were affected by patients' behaviours and stories and their perceived credibility. Acorn M; Evidence-Based Nursing, 2009 Apr; 12 (2): 61 (journal article) ISSN: 1367-6539 PMID: 19321838 CINAHL AN: 2010248467

12. Nurse-led vs. conventional physician-led follow-up for patients with cancer: systematic review.Preview (includes abstract); Lewis R; Neal RD; Williams NH; France B; Wilkinson C; Hendry M; Russell D; Russell I; Hughes DA; Stuart NS; et al.; Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2009 Apr; 65 (4): 706-23 (journal article - research, systematic review, tables/charts) ISSN: 0309-2402 PMID: 19278415 CINAHL AN: 2010221331

13.Identifying abuse among women: use of clinical guidelines by nurses and midwives.Preview (includes abstract); Svavarsdottir EK; Orlygsdottir B; Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2009 Apr; 65 (4): 779-88 (journal article - research, tables/charts) ISSN: 0309-2402 PMID: 19183236 CINAHL AN: 2010221332


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