Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Book Review: Real Stories of Nursing Research

New book in Burlew Library (WY 20.5 R2877 2010 NSG)
McLaughlin, M. M. K., & Bulla, S. A. (Eds). (2009). Real stories of nursing research: The quest for Magnet recognition. Sudbury MA: Jones & Bartlett.
In Real Stories of Nursing Research: The Quest for Magnet Recognition, real stories and brief research abstracts show that direct care nurses really can do research. We know this at St. Joseph, but it is fun to read these stories, as they come from nurses in Magnet-designated hospitals located in all types of settings. This text includes helpful hints from experts like librarians, statisticians, and IRB reviewers who discuss how to make the research journey smoother. Real Stories of Nursing Research addresses overcoming fears of research and is a fun read.


Chanel said...

Hello Nursing Practitioner,

My company, CS Business Solutions is planning a nursing Continuing Education Units (CEU) conference in Sacramento and the purpose of my e-mail is to offer a warm welcome to your nursing professionals within your health organization for attendance.

As you know, all health professionals must take Continuing Education coursework to maintain licensure. Sometimes the breadth of diversity offered at a CEU conference can be a valuable investment in professional growth. In addition, CEU conferences enable nursing professionals to network, share best practices, learn about other professional settings related to their respective specialty and create professional connections which may not have been acquired without the attendance. Finally, CEU conferences enable nursing professionals the opportunity to bring back the skills they have acquired and put them into practice in their specific setting.

The following topics will be discussed and offer 8 hours of Continuing Education Units:
◆ Advanced Pharmacology
◆ Advanced CPR/dysrhythmia
◆ Advanced IV therapy
◆ Ethics
◆ Patient education strategies
◆ Current trends in nursing and health care
◆ Cultural & ethnic diversity
◆ Grief and Cancer
◆ Therapeutic interpersonal relationship skills with patients and clients
◆ Crisis intervention/Trauma nursing
◆ Counseling
◆ Publishing for professional journals or books
◆ Behavioral Sciences - abnormal psychology, mental health and child psychology

There will be professionals from all over California who will speak on these topics. Currently, we have Dr. Ernie Bodai, from Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento, as a Keynote Speaker, Lasonya Smith from UCD Trauma Center, Dr. Natalie Coss from California Department of Corrections, Psych Crisis Bed Unit and Christine Bennett from Kaiser Permanente Pediatric Triage Nursing Unit. There will be additional speakers who work in many different settings, including, but not limited to UCD Trauma Center, Kaiser Hospital, California Prison Health Care Services, US Department of Veteran Affairs and the California Department of Mental Health. In addition, there will be tables for recruitment, marketing and public relations of your respective organization. Recent nursing graduates will be encouraged to pay to attend to have an opportunity to learn more about different nursing settings which may have vacancies and placement options and network with the directors of nursing within various settings. Academic institutions, private hospitals, Federal, state and county funded hospitals are encouraged to request a booth space for purchase, as each of you will be privy to Northern California Nursing professionals and recent college graduates.

WHAT: Northern California Nursing Conference 2010

WHO: Licensed RNs, LVNs, CNAs and recent Nursing school graduates

WHERE: Scottish Rite in Sacramento, California

WHEN: January 2010

* Continental breakfast & gourmet lunch will be provided and included with price of conference.

If you think your staff may be interested in learning more information, please reply back. Space is filling fast and there is room for only 1750 participants.

****I offer a $100 gas card referral bonus for every individual you refer who attends the conference in January 2010. Who couldn't use a full tank of gas in exchange for a professional nursing referral? It's a "no brainer!"

Professional Regards,

Chanel Schrier
CS Business Solutions
(916) 205-5585

Jenifer said...

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