Thursday, September 04, 2008

Taking research posters to the units

The Nursing Research Council at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California is activating its plan to take research to the units. Members of the Research Council were charged with finding a current nursing research article which might have special application to their specific unit. Leaders of the Nursing Research Council developed a template poster which summarizes a key article into the following sections:

The Research Question
  • Methods

  • Results

  • Discussion

  • Implications for SJH Nursing Practice

Of special note is the section noting implications for St. Joseph Hospital nursing practice. An effort is made to show how the practice implications may mesh with our hospital's values and with our Watson nursing model. The posters will be placed in a unit's lounge area and are intended to make the salient points of a complex research article more accessible and increase interest in nursing research. This photo shows team members at a working meeting in which they identified an article of interest and then summarized it into this reseach poster template.

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