Monday, April 07, 2008

CE article on "Educational Strategies to develop Evidence-Based Practice Mentors"

The current issue of Journal for Nurses in Staff Development has a great article titled Educational Strategies to Develop Evidence-Based Practice Mentors. The article is authored by a team from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Not only is the article a good read with descriptions of the model they used, their guidelines for implementation, workshop agendas and EBP workshop evaluations, but it also comes with CE credit. The CE test and instructions are in the same issue and do require a fee payable to Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins.
Dearholt, Sandra L; White, Kathleen M; Newhouse, Robin; Pugh, Linda C; Poe, Stephanie. Educational strategies to develop evidence-based practice mentors Journal for Nurses in Staff Development 24(2) 53-61 March/April 2008. Staff at Saint Joseph Hospital, Orange/Children's Hospital of Orange County can access this article online at Burlew Medical Library's website.


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