Friday, November 02, 2007

Archives of Disease of Childhood launches two new blogs

Archives of Disease of Childhood has launched two new blogs. While these blogs don't directly pertain to nursing research or evidence based nursing, I wanted to bring them to your attention as I believe they offer some innovative ideas for us. Wouldn't it be cool if we were able to highlight key nursing articles in one sentence as the Precis blog does? For those of you accessing this blog from St. Joseph Hospital, Orange or Children's Hospital of Orange County, you will be able to click on the full text of the article.

1. The Précis Blog Précis starts with the idea that any good paper can be summarised in one sentence. That sentence may sometimes be complex, and should normally leave you wanting to know more, but it will contain the core of what the paper is about. This is, by its nature, idiosyncratic, and hopefully sometimes controversial. The blog focuses on the online first part of ADC:

2. The Archimedes Blog You'll be familiar with Archimedes, the bimonthly section of evidence-based questions and answers, and with the Archimedes blog you: Get to see the questions as they are being asked, and can comment on the answer you expect to see. Can argue about the interpretation of evidence from the published topic report. Can add new information to older reports. There are also teaching tips, bite-sized explanations of EBM concepts and links to other places where the practice of evidence-based child health can be discussed.The bloggers explain why they think this is important in an editorial in the November issue of ADC.
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