Monday, August 27, 2007

E-Journal Club #11

Williams, Myrtle,Kathryn Jordan, “The Nursing Professional Portfolio: A Pathway to Career Development”, Journal for Nurses In Staff Development, Vol.23(3), 125-131.


Nursing professional portfolios have moved beyond the traditional listing of past experiences and accomplishments. They now provide a format for self-reflection on practice and for goal planning, capturing both the art and the science of nursing. This article describes the experiences of designing and implementing the use of a comprehensive professional portfolio and the benefits realized by individual staff nurses and their managers.


I have posted an article like this in the past because I thought it seemed like a great idea. Now this article takes it one step further. I’ve felt that annual reviews are sometimes viewed as a process of futility for the staff. They see it as an opportunity for your boss to complain or assign you a job for the year. And where’s the follow up they always promise?
Last year, I decided to make a summary on PowerPoint. That way I could include some of the great pictures I’d taken of the off or on campus continuing education, the “teams” I was a member of, etc. It was not only a fun project for me, but gave me a different insight in what I wanted to say and how I viewed my own past year in better perspective.


Anonymous said...
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Philippine said...

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Onehealthpro said...

Congratulations for stepping outside the box. There is a wide world out there, waiting to be discovered. Innovative, creative thinking is in short supply and we need more of it! Thanks for sharing.

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