Monday, June 04, 2007

E-Journal Club #5

Todd, Betsy MPH, RN, CIC, “Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis”, AJN, Vol.107 (6), June 2007, pp. 29-31.

Abstract: Recent outbreaks highlight the need for improved prevention,

control, and surveillance programs.

I like the American Journal of Nursing because their articles are short, to the point and usually timely (as well as informative). This week’s article has all of these characteristics as well as some pretty impressive graphics if you visit the journal in person or on-line at the Burlew library’s web site “Burlew On-Line Journals”.

I found this an excellent article to supplement an understanding to the recent news report on a drug resistant tuberculosis patient who was flying a commercial plane internationally.

While the article addresses the history and need for control, how will that control be achieved? How are an individual’s rights and responsibilities balanced? It is enlightening to understand the prevalence of this type of TB.

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