Monday, March 05, 2007

Julie's picks from the Nursing Literature Feb 2007

These recent articles in the nursing literature made my list of "picks" as being especially interesting from an EBN point of view. Articles with an ** should be available at Burlew Medical Library, either electronically or in print.

1. Tannery, Nancy Hrinya, Wessel, Charles B, Epstein, Barbara A, Gadd, Cynthia S. Hospital nurses' use of knowledge-based information resources. Nursing Outlook 2007 55:15-19 2007 Jan-Feb **

2. Barron, J, Petrilli F, Strath, L, McCaffrey R. Sucessful interventions for smoking cessation in pregnancy. MCN:The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing 32(1):42-9 2007 Jan-Feb **

3. Hook, ML, Winchel S. Fall-related injuries in acute care: reducing the risk of harm MEDSURG Nursing 2006 Dec 15(6):370-7, 381 **

4. Mathieson, C, Tavianini, HD, Palladino K. Best practices in stroke rapid response: a case study. MEDSURG Nursing 2006 Dec 15(6):364-9 **

5. Gaskamp C, Sutter, R, Meraviglia M. Evidence-based guideline: promoting spirituality in the older adult. Journal of Gerontological Nursing 2006 Nov; 32)11):8-13 **

6. Goldhill DR, Imhoff M, McLean B, Waldmann C. Rotational bed therapy to prevent and treat respiratory complications: a review and meta-analysis. American Journal of Critical Care 2007 Jan 16(1):50-62 **

7. Cason, CL, Tyner, T, Saunders, S, Broome, L. Nurses' implementation of guidelines for ventilator-associated pneumonia from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. American Journal of Critical Care 2007 Jan 16(1):28-38 **

8. Tolentino-Delosreyes AF, Ruppert, SD, Shiao SPK. Evidence-based practice: use of the ventilator bundle to to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia. American Journal of Critical Care 2007 Jan 16(1):20-7 **

9. Hermans, MH. Wound wise. Silver-containing dressings and the need for evidence: before choosing a specific dressing, take a look at the literature. American Journal of Nursing 2006 Dec 106(12):60-9 **

10. Low, LK, Miller, J. A clinical evaluation of evidence-based maternity care using the Optimality Index JOGNN 2006 Nov Dec 35(6):786-93 **

11. Murphy PA, Fullerton, JT. Development of the Optimality Index as a new approach to evaluating outcomes of maternity care JOGNN 2006 Nov-Dec 35(6):770-8 **

12. Mercer, RT, Walker, LO. A review of nursing interventions to foster becoming a mother. JOGNN 2006 Sep-Oct 35(5):568-82 **

13. Ahlqvist M, Bogren A, Hagman S, Nazar I, Nilsson K, Nordin K, Valfridsson BS, Soderlund M, Nordstrom G. Handling of peripheral intravenous cannulae: effects of evidence-based clinical guidelines. Journal of Clinical Nursing 2006 Nov 15(11):1354-61 **

14. Kleinpell, RM, Graves BT, Ackerman MH. Incidence, pathogenesis, and management of sepsis: an overview. AACN Advanced Critical Care 2006 Oct-Dec 17(4):385-93 **

15. Harrington L, Hoffman E, Allard PM, Adams BJ, Hamilton P, Wright K, Cargo V. Nursing research dashboard: a tool for managing your nursing research program Nurse Leader 2006 Oct 4(5):54-7

16. Zitella LJ, Friese CR, Hauser J, Gobel BH, Woolery M, O'Leary C, Andrews FA. Putting evidence into practice: prevention of infection. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 2006 De4c 10(6):739-50, 781-3 **

17. Numata Y, Schulzer M, Van der Wal R, Globerman H, Semenluk P, Balka E, FitzGerald JM. Nurse staffing levels and hospital mortality in critical care settings: literature review and meta-analysis Journal of Advanced Nursing 2006 Aug 55(4):435-48

18. Funfgeld-Connett D. Meta-analysis of presence in nursing. Journal of Advanced Nursing 2006 Sep 55(6):708-14


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