Friday, September 01, 2006

Julie's August picks from the literature

Some of these recent articles really intrigued me. Employees at St. Joseph Hospital, Orange or Children's Hospital of Orange County can access these online or request them through Burlew Medical Library. Others should consult medical libraries with whom they have privileges.

Accession Number 2009223633 NLM Unique Identifier: 16816597.Author Coopey M. Nix MP. Clancy CM.Title Translating research into evidence-based nursing practice and evaluating effectiveness.Source Journal of Nursing Care Quality. 2006 Jul; 21(3): 195-202. (9 ref)

Accession Number 2009232462 NLM Unique Identifier: 16767023.Author Giuliano KK.Title Continuous physiologic monitoring and the identification of sepsis: what is the evidence supporting current clinical practice?Source AACN Advanced Critical Care. 2006 Apr-Jun; 17(2): 215-23. (36 ref)

Accession Number 2009232451 NLM Unique Identifier: 16767019.Author Albert NM.Title Evidence-based nursing care for patients with heart failure.Source AACN Advanced Critical Care. 2006 Apr-Jun; 17(2): 170-85. (41 ref)

Accession Number 2009211028 NLM Unique Identifier: 16766627.Author Munro CL. Grap MJ. Jablonski R. Boyle A.Title Oral health measurement in nursing research: state of the science.Source Biological Research for Nursing. 2006 Jul; 8(1): 35-42. (47 ref)

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