Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Julie's June picks from the literature

Some of these recent nursing articles really caught my eye. SJH/CHOC staff can obtain these online or request them from Burlew Medical Library. Nurses who are not at SJH/CHOC should check with their own medical libraries.

1. Delgado-Passler P. McCaffrey R. The influences of postdischarge management by nurse practitioners on hospital readmission for heart failure. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. 2006 Apr; 18(4): 154-60. (17 ref) 2

2. Gardner MR. Deatrick JA. Understanding interventions and outcomes in mothers of infants. Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing. 2006 Jan-Mar; 29(1): 25-44. (86 ref)

3. Karkkainen O. Bondas T. Eriksson K. Documentation of individualized patient care: a qualitative metasynthesis. Nursing Ethics. 2005 Mar; 12(2): 123-32. (32 ref)

4. Kehl-Pruett W. Deep vein thrombosis in hospitalized patients: a review of evidence-based guidelines for prevention. DCCN: Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 2006 Mar-Apr; 25(2): 53-61. (28 ref)

5. Whall AL. Sinclair M. Parahoo K. A philosophic analysis of evidence-based nursing: recurrent themes, metanarratives, and exemplar cases. Nursing Outlook. 2006 Jan-Feb; 54(1): 30-5. (47 ref)

6. Harrington L. Implementing a hospital-based nursing research program in 30 days. Nurse Leader. 2006 Feb; 4(1): 37-42, 55. (8 ref)


Anonymous said...

Julie - did you see the article in the most recent issue of Journal of Nursing Scholarship about CINAHL searching... your thoughts?

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