Friday, May 26, 2006

Internet searches : Librarians do it better

According to a study reported today at the Medical Library Association's annual meeting in Phoenix, cancer patients are more likely to find what they are looking for with a librarian-mediated search instead of "going it alone."

This study by Ruti Volk, professional librarian and manager of the Patient Education Resource Center (PERC) at the University of Michigan, demonstrates that "even though the information is supposedly so accessible and everything is on the web, people still need the help of a professional to find information that is relevant to them and that is current, accurate and authoritative. "


Theresa Ullrich RN MSN FNP said...

I knew that would be true. Is our library available to patients as well? Theresa

Julie Smith, MLS, AHIP said...

Burlew Medical Library is available to both patients and the public. Because the library is physically not in the main hospital, inpatients cannot come to the library. But they can call us and we can deliver anything they need to the room. Outpatients and the public can come to the library. We will do extensive research for the public for a modest fee. Also, our library web site,
has a large section on consumer health resources which is available to anyone.

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